Asphalt milling

Asphalt milling with material extrusion



Cold deep in-place recycling is a method of road construction, which includes strengthening road bases, stone materials and asphalt granulate received as a result of crushing the asphalt and concrete scrap with different binding materials by previous milling and mixing on the road.

The implementation in practice of large, highly productive recyclers, that allow to make the process of recovering of old road surface much cheaper compared to the traditional methods, is becoming more common in Ukraine.

Cold recycling:

Strategic road Chuguev-Melove (Kharkiv district), cold recycling:

Cold recycling on Lviv-Ternopil road

Cold recycling and overhaul of motorway P-15, Lviv-Chervonograd



Soil stabilization

Soil stabilization - is a process of entering into the soil additives to improve the mechanical properties of the soil. Depending on the type of soil as the additives can be used lime, cement, bituminous linking chemicals that bind soil components.

The stabilization of the soil can be used for construction of roads, communications, industrial warehouses, customs terminals and road pavement of other transport surfaces. The soil used at construction sites often needs some kind of improvement.

Soil stabilization depending on the final result, divided into the soil improvement and strengthening of soil. Improving soils let to improve the compaction of local soil, including waterlogged and heaving soils. Stabilization ensures reliable frost-protective layer and increase its load capacity. During the soil strengthening occurs the significant increase in physical and mechanical characteristics of the local soil. The method used for the device as frost-protective layers and bearing layers of bases.



Traffic safety, construction and service of airports runways

Removing the road marking line and clearing the runway from rubber using Stripe Hog 8000 machine. Unlike milling, this machine uses for cleaning powerful jet of water under high pressure and does not harm the upper layer of covering. Rubbish is automatically removed by vacuum cleaner.


Pothole repair

For the first time in western Ukraine is used remixer Wirtgen ERP 300/600 to work on the pothole repair, patching longitudinal and transverse cracks in the roadway. The use of this machine provides high quality and almost twice lower cost of repair compared to the traditional method.




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