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LLC "Baltom Ukraine" is a company with foreign investments founded in September 18, 2007. Thanks to the effective and fruitful work Ukrainian division of the European company provides the full range of road works.

The company specializes in the overhaul of roads with the use of advanced European technologies such as road basis making by the cold deep in-placerecycling method. The company also performs earthworks, soil stabililizating and repairing works on the roads. Another service is the construction of housing objects and building for cultural and community use.

The availability  of special equipment in the enterprise including WR-2500, WR-4200, WM-1000 Volvo graders, HBM, HAMM and BOMAG road rollers, instant mobilization of techniques for work fulfillment, enables to perform the work quickly and efficiently.

Baltom Ukraine together with the Czech company Stim are among the best in Europe in sphere of installation of the road surface and organisation of traffic.


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LLC «BALTOM UKRAINE» Ukraine, 79040, Lviv, Gorodotska str., 367a

+38 032 2950736

Machinery for sale: +380673131971, 0674234823